Kidney Stone Treatment and Management

Jersey Urology Group physicians specialize in treatment of any and all types of kidney stones.

In most cases, kidney stones can be removed through minimally invasive procedures. Additionally, we specialize in performing and interpreting testing of the causes of kidney stones.  We are often able to isolate a cause and develop a treatment plan for preventing further kidney stones.

We specialize in:

  • Shockwave Treatment for Kidney stones
  • Ureteroscopy (removal of kidney stones through natural orifices)
  • Percutaneous Nephrostolithotomy (removal of kidney stones through small incisions made in the back
  • Determining and treating risk factors for kidney stones, to prevent further attacks.

We understand the pain caused by kidney stones, and offer rapid diagnosis and treatment.  We have had many patients referred to us who were treated at other practices who were given non-descript recommendations such as “don’t drink ice tea anymore” or “drink less milk”; this does a significant disservice to the community, and our dedicated Kidney Stone Prevention Team formed to educate and help the thousands of men and women our team sees yearly with this debilitating condition.

More importantly, Jersey Urology Group prides itself in efficient scheduling; while some urology practices have waiting times of weeks, in most cases we can get you in to see one of our Board Certified Urologists to treat your kidney stones within 24 hours. clickschedule-appt-postit  to schedule an appointment today!

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