Cheap Erection Medications

Erectile Dysfunction is a disease which affects millions of men every year. There are currently many excellent treatments for this. The issue is that many of them can be quite expensive. A single pill of the leading prescribed medications, for example, can cost over $40 even with insurance!

Many of the options for non-FDA approved treatments for erectile dysfunction you may see ads for on TV or in magazines (including “medications” from Canada) either don’t work or may even be harmful.

The doctors at Jersey Urology Group have been able to secure the absolute least expensive sources of FDA approved medication for erectile dysfunction, regardless of your insurance plan. In many cases, the medication cost could be less than 10% what you would normally pay for treatment!

To find out more about your options for inexpensive treatment options for erectile dysfunction, as well as some of the advanced diagnostic and treatment options offered at Jersey Urology Group which are not available anywhere else in New Jersey, make an appointment today by clicking schedule-appt-postit

Dr. Steixner from the Institute for Men’s Health will be giving a free presentation in Cherry Hill in August!

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