Medication Costs

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The cost of medications is truly staggering.

The United States has the dubious honor of paying the highest prices for medications in the world.

Many expensive medications, including using those for urologic conditions, have inexpensive generic medications, which often work just as well as their more expensive counterparts.

The physicians at Jersey Urology Group are extremely cost conscious regarding the cost of care. In many cases, we have seen patients for second or third opinions and have been able to save them over 80%  for their medications.

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Here are some recommendations to avoid unnecessary medication costs:

  1. If you are on a non-generic medication, ask your doctor why. While some medications may not have a generic equivalent, most do. In urology in particular, there are very few conditions which necessitate expensive name branded drugs.
  2. If you are on a prescription plan, find out if your benefits recommend a particular pharmacy or a mail-order pharmacy. In some cases, using a different pharmacy can save you 90% on your prescription drug costs.
  3. Use sources such as goodRx (Click here to try it) . These discount websites can give you coupons to show to your pharmacist which may save you as much as 95% of the cost of your medications.  
  4. Never be afraid to ask your provider to send your medication to a less expensive pharmacy, and NEVER be afraid to ask for a less expensive medication.

The physicians at Jersey Urology Group specialize in finding the best cost for your treatment; Our patients have the absolute lowest cost of medications as compared to patients from any other urologic practice in New Jersey. Click schedule-appt-postit to make an appointment to see how our physicians can treat you efficiently and affordably.

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